The Shadows of Dimensions

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Cause right after the storm you’ll find your rainbow, Only God knows what price I paid to make that payroll, Been fouled a couple times, but I understand that’s how that game go.
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2018-01-19 22:32:30 - Valfrida Lang

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I can’t forget when I was outta control, felt like I was losing my mind. Came to that fork in the road, didn’t know which way to decide,сause up was down, in was out, and left was taking me right.
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2017-05-26 22:36:32 - Game Master

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Right before I fall so many times, but one thing’s for sure you brought me out, I’ll never forget, I’ll never regret it, forever indebted.The night is always darkest right before sunrise.
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2018-01-26 14:46:57 - Jason Orwell


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A friend indeed, come build me up, come share your light, it makes me shine you get the message, don't you ever forget it, let's laugh and cry, until we die!
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Сегодня 20:25:19 - PR

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I care for you, I talk to you in my deepest dreams, I'm fortunate. We got a friendship, no one can contest it and not to mention, I respect you with my all.
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Сегодня 19:58:37 - PR

Вы здесь » The Shadows of Dimensions